About the Artist

My earliest memories are of noticing patterns and colours, and all through my life I have held this fascination. I first worked with fibre and explored almost every medium with this, but even then the beads kept recurring in the work. I made my first beaded jewellery when I was 11 years old – making love bead necklaces out of seeds – pumpkin and sweet peas were among my favourites, though I missed the colours, so this was short-lived. When my son was a baby I discovered embroidery and this lasted as a passion for many years, till the two-dimensionality of it began to frustrate me. I studied interior design and was always drawn to the use of colour to enhance our lives and create inspirational spaces to live in.

The penny dropped for me when I began lampworking glass beads and from there everything just fell into place. I discovered a form of expression that included vibrant and striking colour, was three dimensional and was a wonderful way of communicating creatively with other people. The “glass bug” really got hold of me, and even my neighbours now call my workshop “my paradise”!  Working the glass has a strongly meditative quality for me – the work consumes my complete attention as each different colour of glass behaves differently in the flame and demands I be totally present in each moment. A single lapse of concentration can destroy a project, though these can sometimes be serendipitous exercises as I discover new facets by accident!

The possibilities are endless with glass – there’s form and shape and colour and temperature – and that’s before you’ve even thought about how the work will sit within a piece of jewellery or added the human dimension. I often think it’s rather like a happy mixture of painting and sculpture. Glass is such an amazing substance – its honesty as a natural and recyclable resource, its smooth and cool feel in your hand, its lovely weight and solidity, the clarity of the colours, its durability and wonderful malleability when hot make this the perfect material.

I’m a big believer in colour therapy. I believe that we are instinctively drawn to colours that are right for our mood and temperament. Bright colours are so good for us – they remind us of creativity, fun and childhood and not to take ourselves too seriously. The colours of the ocean remind us to be peaceful and reflective and give us calming anchors in turbulent lives. The colours of the earth ground us and reconnect us with the present. Perhaps our need is for “fire energy” colours around us to rekindle our passion for life. Whites offer us the purity of the unwritten page and black the mystery of the night. I call a lot of my work wearable colour therapy – serious mood-altering jewellery. Beware! They may just make you and everyone around you feel happy!

I began using Swarovski crystal alongside my hand made beads, and this soon turned into a work on its own. I’ve come to love putting all beadwork together – with the glass beads it’s an extension of the creative thought process and can be part of the original plan, and I just love the distinctive sparkle of Swarovski – for me, there’s no other crystal that comes close to its beauty. I use only sterling silver and the finest and strongest of engineered “wire” in my jewellery, so it should all last more than a lifetime. I love to create commissioned jewellery especially for the wearer – in glass and/or Swarovski crystal, and am happy to discuss possibilities for wedding or special occasion pieces.


About the Work

While every bead is made individually and because of this is unique, there are some styles that I make more than once. This means that the work that is photographed here on the website may not necessarily be the work that you will receive when you purchase. It will be a close representation – the length and size will be the same, but the size and shape of some of the beads will vary slightly.

If you feel at all concerned about this, please contact me, and I will show photos of the actual work you will receive.

Multicoloured pieces can be made to include your favourite colours, and I'm also very happy to alter, shorten or lengthen any of the works so they fit their wearer perfectly.