Chakra Meditation Beads

Chakra Meditation or Worry Beads

These beads are known by different names throughout the world – komboloi in Greece, mala by the Hindu Buddhists, masbaha by the Muslims (which means “I recite”), tasbih in Islam, komposkini by the Greek Orthodox church and the rosary in the Roman Catholic Church. Or just worry beads…

These beads are made to represent the chakras, or seven healing or power centres of the human body – each chakra is represented by a colour, and it is said that having these colours around us keeps the body in balance. They can be used for meditation, too, and will help you to stay focused.

Begin with red for the Root Chakra centred at the base of the spine. Consider your feelings about your material issues. Affirm that you are abundantly provided for in every way, give thanks for the riches and richness of your life and the steady flow of money that flows to you and through you. Give thanks for your perfect body, health and well-being.

Move to orange for the Sacral Chakra which is located below the belly button, and consider your feelings about creativity, passion, desires and appetites and appreciate the excitement and adventure and all of the wondrous possibilities and probabilities.

Move to yellow for the Solar Plexus which is centred above belly button and below the rib cage. This represents your personal power and control. Graciously accept and fearlessly activate all of your personal power and strength. Give thanks for the beauty and harmony, peace and tranquility.

The green beads represent your Heart Chakra centred in your chest area, and the focus for this chakra is, of course, love. Give thanks for the love that you are, the love in your life, and for the love that surrounds you. Allow yourself to fully give and receive love.

The blue beads represent the Throat Chakra which governs our voice, communication and will. Release all barriers to perfect communication and ask your Higher Self to guide you towards gently speaking your truth.

The indigo bead represents the Third Eye Chakra which governs clairvoyance. Release all resistance to seeing the future and allow yourself to see the truth. Affirm that your vision is perfectly ordered and illuminated by love.

The violet beads represent the Crown Chakra which is centred inside the top of the head and is the energy centre connected with the Higher Self and the universe. Know that you are perfectly safe as you follow your inner spiritual guidance, and remember that you are a powerful, loving and spiritual being.

Now feel the rainbow of colour radiating through your body, and enjoy the feeling of balance within.